Malthusian League


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politics Annie Besant
AB became secretary of the Malthusian League (a new version of Bradlaugh 's 1860s league), which sought legal reform to end prosecution for public discussion of population issues and birth control.
Taylor, Anne. Annie Besant: A Biography. Oxford University Press, 1992.
politics Jane Hume Clapperton
JHC supported the Legitimation League , a society that advocated the equal treatment of illegitimate children and championed freedom in sexual relations, and the Malthusian League , which campaigned for preventative checks, or the...
politics Marie Stopes
The Malthusian League opened another clinic in South London eight months later.
Hall, Ruth. Marie Stopes: A Biography. Deutsch, 1977.


July 1877
The Malthusian League was re-established in London with Charles R. Drysdale as president.
February 1879
The Malthusian, advocating birth control, began monthly publication in London.
In London, the Malthusian League published a pamphlet, Hygienic Methods of Family Limitation, for distribution among the working classes: it advocated withdrawal, douching and condoms as birth control methods.
21 January 1913
The first open-air meeting of the Malthusian League was held in London.
H. G. Wells became vice-president of the Malthusian League .
September 1919
The Malthusian League proposed to set up the first British birth control clinic in London.
9 November 1921
The Malthusian League opened a birth control clinic, the Welfare Centre for Pre-Maternity, Maternity and Child Welfare , at 153A East Street, Walworth, London.
April 1924
The Walworth committee (which had been running a Women's Welfare Centre since 1922) adopted the name of the Society for the Provision of Birth Control Clinics . The Society grew out of the Malthusian League
16 December 1927
The Malthusian League disbanded.