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Author summary Elizabeth Bathurst
EB , writing late in the seventeenth century, was one of the most popular women writers to be published by the Sowle Press , the best-known Quaker publishing house. Her three publications (dating from a...
Publishing Elizabeth Bathurst
Paula McDowell records this business decision, taken some years (or possibly only some weeks) after EB 's death. Tace Sowle specifically mentioned for inclusion Bathurst's The Sayings of Women, 1683, which appears in the...
Publishing Katharine Evans
The full title again names the two women and enumerates among the work's contents: Also, how God at last by his almighty power effected their deliverance, and brought them back into the land of their...
Reception Elizabeth Stirredge
This work made ES one of the most popular of the fourteen women published by the Sowle Press . Tace Sowle and her successors published three more editions during the course of the eighteenth century...


Quaker theologian Robert Barclay 's Apology for the True Christian Divinity was first published in English, by the Sowle Press .