Liverpool and Manchester Railway


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Occupation George Bradshaw
He was a Quaker who worked as an engraver and printer in Manchester and Belfast. He is credited with the invention of the published railway timetable. Nothing on the scale of his comprehensive railway...
Occupation Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
On 15 September 1830 she and her husband attended, with a party from the government, the opening of Britain's first mainline railway, the Liverpool and Manchester (which also saw the world's first railway accident, fatal...
Travel Charlotte Guest
CG wrote that her introduction to the Railway (thirty-six miles of extreme speed on the Liverpool and Manchester taking an hour and a half) was a memorable event in my little life.
Guest, Charlotte. Extracts from her Journal, 1833–1852. Bessborough, Vere Brabazon PonsonbyEditor , John Murray, 1950.


5 May 1826
The Liverpool and Manchester Railway , the first modern railway system operated entirely by steam locomotives, was incorporated.
6 October 1829
George Stephenson 's Rocket won the Liverpool and Manchester Railway 's competition to select the best locomotive currently in the field.
15 September 1830
The Liverpool and Manchester Railway, the first large-scale passenger steam railway, was officially opened; public timetabled service began on 17 September.
4 July 1837
The Grand Junction railway line was opened, connecting Birmingham and Warrington.