Women's Police Service


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September 1914
Two women's police forces were formed: the Women's Police Volunteers and the Women Patrols .
February 1915
Margaret Damer Dawson formed the Women's Police Service after the Women's Police Volunteers disagreed over its level of cooperation with male police and the military surveillance of women.
The Ministry of Munitions provided funds to the Women's Police Service for training women police to supervise munitions factories with large numbers of female workers.
7 July 1916
Representatives from the Women's Police Service (Margaret Damer Dawson and Mary Allen ) signed an agreement with the Ministry of Munitions for the employment of women police to regulate and oversee the conduct of...
February 1918
Chief Commander Margaret Damer Dawson and Sub-Commandant Mary Allen of the Women's Police Service were invested as Officers of the Order of the British Empire.


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