North London Deaconesses' Institution


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Education Kate Marsden
KM 's decision to become a nurse was inspired by her own interests and her family's financial insecurity. In early 1877, she began to study and work at the Deaconesses' Institution and Training Hospital at...
Travel Kate Marsden
KM travelled to Bulgaria with fellow missionaries from the Deaconesses' Institution and Training Hospital in Tottenham, to care for people wounded on and near the battefields of the Russo-Turkish War.
Baigent, Elizabeth. “Kate Marsden: 1859–1931”. Geographers Biobibliographical Studies, edited by Hayden Lorimer and Charles W. J. Withers, Continuum, 2008, pp. 63-92.


18 July 1862
The Bishop of London, Archibald Campbell Tait , set apartElizabeth Ferard to be a deaconess in the Anglican Church , and to head an Order of Deaconesses, even though no such order as yet officially existed.


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