European Economic Community


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politics Doreen Wallace
Generally Rowland Rash was Conservative, while Doreen was socialist although only intermittently in agreement with the current policies of the Labour Party . Late in life she opposed Britain's entry into the European Economic Community
Publishing Virginia Woolf
Half a century after her death, a change in the law brought VW 's works out of copyright (with those of her contemporary James Joyce ); but this change was reversed on 1 January 1996...
Textual Features Daphne Du Maurier
The work features the aftermath of a crisis in British politics which involves leaving the European Economic Community (or EEC), a referendum, and a political union with the United States which is experienced as a...


January 1958
The European Economic Community or European Common Market came into being; it was established by the Six: Belgium, France, the German Federal Republic, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.
1 January 1973
The United Kingdom left the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and joined the European Economic Community (EEC, later the European Union or EU).
The Lomé convention was signed, by which members of the European Economic Community pledged aid to forty-six of the world's poorest countries.
June 1975
Surprisingly, Britain's referendum on joining the European Union resulted in a two-to-one victory for the pro-Europeans.
April 1989
The European Economic Community finally suspended trade relations with Elena and Nicolae Ceausescu ' Romania on account of its oppressive social and gender policies.
1 January 1996
British copyright was extended to seventy years after an author's death (having previously covered fifty years); this followed an EEC directive of 29 October 1993.