Henry Turberville

Standard Name: Turberville, Henry


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Anthologization Susanna Hopton
George Hickes included in A Second Collection of Controversial LettersA Letter Written by a Gentlewoman of Quality to a Romish Priest: that is, by SH to Henry Turberville on choosing the Anglican over...
Cultural formation Susanna Hopton
During the Interregnum, Susanna Harvey (later Hopton) became a Roman Catholic convert. Her conversion was said to reflect the influence of Henry Turberville , a priest who was extremely influential in his lifetime and (through...
Friends, Associates Susanna Hopton
Throughout her life SH built her friendships in connection with her religious beliefs. Her recorded relationships of this kind were with men. In the 1650s she was close to Father Henry Turberville , who converted...
Textual Production Susanna Hopton
After years of theological study had brought her back from the Roman Catholic to the Anglican church , SH addressed a detailed account of her shift in thinking to her former, Catholic mentor, Henry Turberville .
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