Walter MacLeane

Standard Name: MacLeane, Walter


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Literary responses Anna Kingsford
The most vitriolic review appeared in The Academy. Walter MacLeane vehemently objected to AK 's favourable depiction of Rosamunda, whom he declared one of the most detestable characters in history . . . coarse...
Literary responses Anna Kingsford
MacLeane half apologized, for his personal but not his literary judgements, in the issue of 10 April 1875: If . . . any reader of the review was led by it to form an opinion...
Reception Anna Kingsford
AK published a response in the next issue of The Academy, accusing MacLeane 's review of unscrupulous misrepresentation.
The Academy.
152 (3 April 1875): 351
Not only had MacLeane invented incorrect punctuation in her work...


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