Elizabeth Mavor

Standard Name: Mavor, Elizabeth


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death Lady Eleanor Butler
LEB 's funeral, of almost royal magnificence, was attended by a throng of distinguished mourners, and fully reported in the papers. She was also intensely mourned by ordinary people of the village.
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Michael Joseph.
Both ladies...
Family and Intimate relationships Henrietta Maria Bowdler
Elizabeth Mavor , biographer of Butler and Ponsonby , classes as romantic attachments HMB 's friendships with both of them, with Smith , and with Margaret Davies . Bowdler was, says Mavor, inclined to adopt...
Friends, Associates Lady Eleanor Butler
Among their many visitors (apart from the local gentry, with whom they duly established links), close friends included Anna Seward , Henrietta Maria Bowdler (who wrote mock-flirtatiously of LEB as her veillard [sic] or old...
Literary responses Maria Callcott
Editor Elizabeth Mavor remarks that MC 's South American journals are now becoming recognized as giving . . . a unique and important insight into the independence struggles of these countries.
Callcott, Maria. “Introduction”. The Captain’s Wife, edited by Elizabeth Mavor, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, p. xi - xiv.
Publishing Maria Callcott
The Captain's Wife, The South American Journals of Maria Graham 1821-23, edited by Elizabeth Mavor , 1993, reproduces about one-third of MC 's accounts of Brazil and Chile.
Callcott, Maria. The Captain’s Wife. Editor Mavor, Elizabeth, Weidenfeld and Nicholson.
Mavor calls the Brazilian and...
Publishing Fanny Kemble
Later reprints testified to ongoing interest in FK 's memoirs. An 1891 edition was reprinted (two volumes in one) with two portraits engraved by J. G. Stodart in 1972.
Kemble, Fanny, and J. G. Stodart. Further Records, 1848-1883. B. Blom.
In 1972 an edition brought...
Reception Lady Eleanor Butler
Among many less formal honours during the ladies' lifetimes, the most extraordinary was LEB 's award of a French, ancien régime, military medal: the Croix St Louis. It is shown in a famous portrait of...
Reception Lady Eleanor Butler
Penruddock 's version of their story sets their elopement in the middle of a ball, and gives them two exciting years in London; Colette and de Beauvoir take a triumphalist view of their assumed lesbianism...
Textual Features Lady Eleanor Butler
Elizabeth Mavor enumerates the correspondence (not without an air of condescension) thus: routine letters to tradesmen, letters literary, letters politico-religio, letters sentimental, coquetto-patronising, litigious, formal and insulting.
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Michael Joseph.
Textual Features Maria Callcott
Her editor Elizabeth Mavor , however, prints a late poem (which MC herself called jingling doggerel), written for a family magazine produced by some young nephews and nieces, which is anything but sapless in...
Textual Features Anne Lister
AL 's diary is a testament to the versatility of a single individual. As well as recording with bare-faced frankness her sexual encounters and such other incidents as making water when alone in a stage-coach...
Textual Production Lady Eleanor Butler
Sarah Ponsonby bequeathed the journals to Caroline Hamilton , and Harriet Pigott therefore supposed that they were written by Ponsonby .
Butler, Lady Eleanor et al. “Foreword and Editorial Materials”. The Hamwood Papers of the Ladies of Llangollen and Caroline Hamilton, edited by Eva Mary Bell, Macmillan, p. vii - viii; various pages.
They have been published in several selections: by Mrs G. H. [Eva Mary] Bell


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