Lawrence Durrell

Standard Name: Durrell, Lawrence


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Cultural formation Marina Warner
In England, MW had a comfortable middle-class upbringing. Her godfather was crime reformer Lord Longford (father of historian and novelist Antonia Fraser ). A writer, Violet Trefusis , was her godmother and another novelist, Lawrence Durrell
Friends, Associates Cecily Mackworth
In Paris Mackworth moved in artistic and literary circles. She met gallery-owner Jeanne Bucher and artists William Hayter , David Edgar , and Hans Reichel . Even more significantly for her own future, she met...
Friends, Associates Anne Ridler
Her brother was working for publishers George Bell , and she met a number of authors, including Antonia White and Margaret Kennedy . Later, through her own work, she met with T. S. Eliot 's...
Literary responses Cecily Mackworth
CM 's old friend Lawrence Durrell wrote to describe to her his pleasure in this book: Just reading, sipping, devouring to prolong the pain/pleasure of your beautiful, cogent and brilliant memories.
Sheridan, Anthony. “Obituary: Cecily Mackworth”. Guardian Unlimited.
Literary responses Iris Murdoch
Among a chorus of discriminating praise, Susan Hill (after identifying herself as a Murdoch enthusiast who ranked her, with William Golding and Lawrence Durrell , as one of the three best and most important living...
Publishing Cecily Mackworth
CM 's early books almost all began as projects in journalism. She contributed reporting or reviews, in two languages, to Time and Tide, Horizon, Twentieth Century, Critique, L'Aube, and Le...
Publishing Olivia Manning
Abroad during the second world war, OM continued to write and place stories, and also essays. She was for a while employed on the literary pages of the Jerusalem Post.
Treglown, Jeremy. “Make use of me”. London Review of Books, pp. 21-2.
Her Poets in...
Textual Production Ruth Fainlight
In 1986 she published with her introduction, through Turret Books , the Selected Poems of her late brother Harry Fainlight , with a memoir by Allen Ginsberg and a poem by Ted Hughes , in...
Textual Production Cecily Mackworth
Miller learned of her poetry through Lawrence Durrell , who had begged her to send him everything in your jam cupboard. After the magazine sailed close to the wind over the issue of obscenity with...
Textual Production Anne Ridler
She also sat on the committee which, under Alice Mary Smyth (later Hadfield) , was at work compiling the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.
Ridler, Anne. Memoirs. The Perpetua Press, p. 240 pp.
While working at Faber & Faber , AR was often...


By February 1957: Lawrence Durrell published his novel Justine,...

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By February 1957

Lawrence Durrell published his novelJustine, the first volume in The Alexandria Quartet. He wrote in manic bursts,
Borne Back Daily. .
10 October 2013
taking weeks rather than months for each novel (of which the...

1962: Publisher John Calder and writer's widow...

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Publisher John Calder and writer's widow Sonia Orwell together organised at Edinburgh the first, highly successful Writers' Conference.


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