Sarah Chevers

Standard Name: Chevers, Sarah


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Cultural formation Katharine Evans
Since she married a wealthy man, she was probably born into a fairly comfortable rank of society. Scholars have speculated whether her relationship with Sarah Chevers , formed under conditions that threatened the lives and...
Friends, Associates Katharine Evans
Among other warm relationships she formed with fellow members of the Society of Friends , the most important was with Sarah Chevers or Cheevers , with whom she shared voyages and persecution. Chevers, about ten...
Friends, Associates Hester Biddle
On the way she encountered Mary Fisher (whom she already knew well as a travelling companion) and the close associates Katharine Evans and Sarah Cheevers or Chevers .
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Material Conditions of Writing Katharine Evans
KE 's and Sarah Chevers 's account of their imprisonment in Malta was published in London by their colleague Daniel Baker while the authors were still in prison, as This is a Short Relation of...
Author summary Katharine Evans
KE was a Quaker minister and missionary who, together with her companion Sarah Chevers , published in 1662 an important pamphlet detailing their experience in prison in Malta, together with their spiritual experiences, prophecies...
Textual Features Katharine Evans
This includes A Vision related by Sarah Chevers .
Textual Production Katharine Evans
On the same occasion Sarah Chevers wrote a similar letter to her husband and children, and both women wrote other letters addressed both to individuals and to groups of Friends with a capital F. They...
Textual Production Katharine Evans
An expanded version of KE 's and Sarah Chevers 's text This is a Short Relation of some of the Cruel Sufferings appeared after their release as A True Account of the Great Tryals and Cruel Sufferings.
Blain, Virginia et al., editors. The Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers from the Middle Ages to the Present. Yale University Press; Batsford.
English Short Title Catalogue.
Travel Katharine Evans
Her whereabouts can be largely tracked by her jail sentences. She was arrested at Rochester in Kent on 6 September 1663, but was off before the end of that year, with Chevers , to Scotland...
Travel Katharine Evans
With her friend Sarah Chevers , KE left her husband and children to travel to the East as a Quaker missionary; the two women were following in the footsteps of Saint Paul by heading for...


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Evans, Katharine et al. A True Account of the Great Tryals and Cruel Sufferings. Editor Baker, Daniel, Robert Wilson, 1663.
Evans, Katharine, and Sarah Chevers. This is a Short Relation of some of the Cruel Sufferings. Robert Wilson, 1662.