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Family and Intimate relationships Margery Lawrence
He worked mostly in meals for hotels and railways, but served on government food committees in both world wars.
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(2 September 1948): 6
Curiously, ML describes her marrying him in a poem titled Aspasia Married...
Textual Features Lydia Maria Child
Set in ancient Athens, the novel images many of the political concerns of nineteenth-century Boston. It depicts Pericles (whom Eliza Lynn Linton was to idealise a dozen years later in Amymone: A Romance...
Textual Features Caroline Frances Cornwallis
Pericles was famous as an Athenian statesman praised for his leadership both as a politican and as a military commander. Setting her story in ancient Greece in the 440s B.C., CFC took pride in the...
Textual Production Caroline Frances Cornwallis
CFC 's Small Books on Great Subjects this year included two titles on Greek philosophy: the first running to the time of Pericles , the second from the time of Socrates to that of Christ
Textual Production Caroline Frances Cornwallis
CFC published her first and only novel, the historical Pericles, in two volumes as the Author of A Brief Sketch of Greek Philosophy.
Cornwallis, Caroline Frances. Pericles. Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans.
“Multiple Advertisements and Notices”. The Standard, No. 6776.
6776 (29 April 1846)
Textual Production Caroline Frances Cornwallis
These fifth and sixth books, A Brief View of Greek Philosophy up to the Age of Pericles, and A Brief View of Greek Philosophy from the Age of Socrates to the Coming of Christ
Textual Production Eliza Lynn Linton
Eliza Lynn (later Linton) published a scholarly, quasi-feminist historical novel: Amymone, A Romance of the Days of Pericles. She called herself the author of Azeth the Egyptian and signed the preface with her name...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eliza Lynn Linton
She defends herself in her preface (written in June 1848) against the charge that in publishing another novel from ancient history she is guilty of pedantry and presumption for choosing subjects beyond a woman's grasp...


March 1836: Walter Savage Landor published Pericles and...

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March 1836

Walter Savage Landor published Pericles and Aspasia, a collection of imaginary letters between the Athenian statesman and the learned and cultivated courtesan.


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