Frances Howard, Countess of Essex

Standard Name: Essex, Frances Howard,,, Countess of
Used Form: Frances, Countess of Somerset


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Textual Features Jean Plaidy
The Murder in the Tower takes up the interpretation of a major scandal of its day (still under debate by historians) in which Frances, Countess of Somerset , was represented as the quintessentially wicked woman...
Textual Features Jean Plaidy
JP paints the young Joan of Arc as deeply spiritual and already aspiring to sainthood: Jeannette knew that many girls and boys were interested in each other . . . . She wanted none of...
Textual Production Jean Plaidy
Jean Plaidy opened by this name a Stuart series with The Murder in the Tower, a historical novel on the affair of Frances Howard, Countess of Essex and later of Somerset , with Robert Carr


July 1616: Frances Howard, Countess of Essex (and by...

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July 1616

Frances Howard, Countess of Essex (and by her latest marriage Countess of Somerset), pleaded guilty to accusations of having Sir Thomas Overbury poisoned to end his publicizing her sexual misconduct.


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