Winefrid Wigmore

Standard Name: Wigmore, Winefrid


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death Mary Ward
Her body was hugely swelled with water retention, but she led her companions in singing the day before she died. Mary Poyntz 's letter communicating the news of her death gives male names to all...
Friends, Associates Mary Ward
Her first five associates were Jane or Joanna Browne (a cousin of the Babthorpe and Rookwood families), Susanna Rookwood (sister of one of the Guy Fawkes plotters), Catherine or Catharine Smith , Winefrid Wigmore (a...
Literary responses Mary Ward
In her lifetime MW made a deep impression on those who came into contact with her. Her mastery of the written and spoken word must have contributed importantly to the way her opponents saw her...
Occupation Mary Ward
The Pope granted MW several concessions: she was declared free of heresy; Winefrid Wigmore was to be released from prison, and a few English ladies permitted to live in Rome under Papal protection.
Oliver, Mary, and Maisie Ward. Mary Ward, 1585-1645. Sheed and Ward.
Residence Mary Ward
The prospect of English civil war caused MW , Winefrid Wigmore , and Mary Poyntz to drop their plans for setting up schools in London, and set out to travel to Yorkshire.
Yorkshire was...
Textual Features Mary Ward
Her letters about business take pains to praise individuals for work well done.
Chambers, Mary Catharine Elizabeth. The Life of Mary Ward (1585-1645). Editor Coleridge, Henry James, Burns and Oates.
2: 105
She varies her tone according to the occasion, opening one letter to Winefrid WigmoreRevd. my truly dear Mo[the]r, and...
Travel Mary Ward
MW 's biographer Winefrid Wigmore records her routine when travelling: the times for prayer and food (the servants getting more meals than the women), the pleasure which she took in the landscape. They arrived in...


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