Saint Francis

Standard Name: Francis, Saint,, of Assissi
Used Form: St Francis of Assissi


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Education Ling Shuhua
LS took courses in zoology (inspired by Goethe , who wrote on the subject), but switched her focus to literature (after an instructor introduced her to the writings of St Francis of Assissi ). Her...
Textual Features Dorothy Wellesley
Although Virginia Woolf specifically appreciated the down-to-earth quality of parts of this sequence, DW gives evidence of the continued attraction for her of the historical, or even the cosmic, elements which she finds in landscapes...
Textual Features Judith Kazantzis
Sister Invention is a new name for or new concept of that creative power that has sometimes been called the Muse, which recalls the way St Francis would address non-human beings as brothers. JK writes...
Textual Features Katharine Tynan
Irish legends and mythology recur in it, from the first poem, The Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne. This work retells (from the original translation from Gaelic to English by Samuel Ferguson ) a Fenian...
Textual Production Elizabeth Goudge
Among EG 's other publications for children, she herself loved best The Valley of Song (with illustrations by Steven Spurrier), 1951, which however she called a mixed up, confused book liked by a few children...


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