Anna Letitia Waring

Standard Name: Waring, Anna Letitia
Birth Name: Anna Letitia Waring
Indexed Name: Anna Lætitia Waring
Pseudonym: A. L. W.
Pseudonym: The Author of What Can't Be Cured Must Be Endured
Anna Letitia Waring , who published throughout the later nineteenth century and into the twentieth, was a hymn-writer, who also produced instructional tracts and poetry. Although she wrote from an early age right up until her death, ALW published few works professionally: two fairly slim collections of hymns, three prose tracts, a compilation of scriptural texts, a collection of poetry, and poetry in a periodical.


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Textual Features Agnes Giberne
A dedication to the memory of her mother quotes Not lost, but gone before (the title of a story by Margaret Gatty ).
Giberne, Agnes. Beside the Waters of Comfort. Seeley.
The book takes the bereaved through various stages of mourning and...


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