William Toulmin

Standard Name: Toulmin, William


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Cultural formation Camilla Crosland
Presumably white, CC was born into a well-connected family which became impoverished early in her life. Her mother 's family was English while her father had French connections. Her early religious beliefs are not often...
Family and Intimate relationships Camilla Crosland
CC 's father, William Toulmin , was a solicitor who died in 1820, when his daughter was only eight.
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 240. Gale Research, 2001.
240: 30
Crosland, Newton. Rambles Round My Life. E. W. Allen, 1898.
Material Conditions of Writing Camilla Crosland
Following the death of her father, William Toulmin , CC (then Toulmin) began writing along with other work aimed at supporting herself and her family.
Crosland, Newton. Rambles Round My Life. E. W. Allen, 1898.
In 1836 she began composing poetry. She recalls, I...
Residence Camilla Crosland
Before her father's death, Camilla and her family lived in London's Fitzroy Square. In 1820 the remaining members of the Toulmin family moved to Burton Crescent near Tavistock Square. The mother's boarding-house was...


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