P. K. Page

Standard Name: Page, P. K.


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Friends, Associates Jeni Couzyn
While at the University of VictoriaJC forged friendships with other writers such as Arlene Lampert , Rosemary Sullivan , and P. K. Page (who are depicted in the poem Four Friends).
Lampert, Arlene, Rosemary Sullivan, and Jeni Couzyn. “Preface”. The Selected Poetry of Jeni Couzyn, edited by Arlene Lampert, Rosemary Sullivan, Arlene Lampert, and Rosemary Sullivan, Exile Editions, 2000, p. xi - xiii.
Publishing Ethel Wilson
The Innocent Traveller was reprinted in Toronto and London in 1960. It sold steadily but went out of print in 1970. In 1982 it was included in McClelland and Stewart 's New Canadian Library series...


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