Dorothy White

Standard Name: White, Dorothy
Birth Name: Dorothy White
Indexed Name: Dorothy Wight
Pseudonym: D. W.
DW was one of the most prolific of the seventeenth-century Quaker women pamphleteers (with twenty texts), apart from the more famous Margaret Fell (whose texts are on average longer than hers). She was an incisive commentator on religious and political issues. Much of her work is prophetic, and some is in verse.


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White, Dorothy. A Diligent Search amongst Rulers, Priests, Professors, and People. 1659.
White, Dorothy. A Lamentation unto this Nation. Robert Wilson, 1660.
White, Dorothy. An Epistle of Love, and of Consolation unto Israel, from the pouring forth of Spirit, and holy anointing of the Father. Robert Wilson, 1661.
White, Dorothy. To all those that Worship in Temples made with Hands. 1663.
White, Dorothy. Upon the 22 Day of the 8th Month, 1659. Thomas Simmons, 1659.