Salvator Rosa

Standard Name: Rosa, Salvator


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Birth Caroline Scott
Caroline was born in a lying-in tent . . . pitched in the best drawing-room of a furnished house, under two gloomy and dramatic Salvator Rosa paintings; Lady Louisa Stuart jokingly suggested that these had...
Friends, Associates Lady Caroline Lamb
LCL was for most of her adult life a good friend of Sydney Morgan , to whom she confided many stories of her childhood and youth, which Morgan preserved in her diaries. She later helped...
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Maria Hall
The finished work was greatly influenced by Mitford's 1824 Our Village and the introduction is addressed to Mitford.
Mitchell, Sally, editor. Victorian Britain: An Encyclopedia. Garland Press, 1988.
Scenes in The Rapparee were inspired by the painter Salvator Rosa .
Keane, Maureen. Mrs. S.C. Hall: A Literary Biography. Colin Smythe, 1997.
Intertextuality and Influence Anna Maria Hall
As in Sketches of Irish Character, scenes in the novel were inspired by AMH 's admiration for painter Salvator Rosa .
Keane, Maureen. Mrs. S.C. Hall: A Literary Biography. Colin Smythe, 1997.
Literary responses Sarah Pearson
The Sheffield Register carried two poems (a sonnet and an ode) in September which welcome and praise this volume.
Ashfield, Andrew. Emails to Isobel Grundy about Sarah/Susanna Pearson, Harriet Downing.
The Critical Review, too, welcomed it warmly. It quoted in full the introductory sonnet addressed...
Literary responses Emily Brontë
But the originality and dramatic power of Wuthering Heights were recognised in many of the early reviews. In January Douglas Jerrold's Weekly Newspaper commended it strongly in these terms, while at the same time warning...
Textual Production Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Sydney Morgan published The Life and Times of Salvator Rosa, the seventeenth-century Neapolitan painter of wild mountain landscape: the title-page said 1824.
Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan,. Lady Morgan’s Memoirs. Dixon, William Hepworth and Geraldine JewsburyEditors , AMS Press, 1975.
2: 182
Campbell, Mary. Lady Morgan: The Life and Times of Sydney Owenson. Pandora, 1988.


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