Justin McCarthy

Standard Name: McCarthy, Justin,, 1830 - 1912


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Friends, Associates Anna Steele
Through her youngest sister AS met many key figures of the day, including Irish Home-Rule leader Charles Stewart Parnell (Katherine O'Shea's long-term lover and eventual husband), and Justin McCarthy , novelist and Irish Home-Rule MP...
Material Conditions of Writing Edna Lyall
She was helped with research for this book by Justin McCarthy , a member of parliament who regularly escorted her to the Ladies' Gallery of the House of Commons to hear debates on Ireland, and...
Textual Features E. Owens Blackburne
Concerned for the most part [with] the gloomier side of the national character, viewed, apparently, from a Protestant standpoint,
Brown, Stephen J. Ireland in Fiction. Barnes and Noble, pp. 35-36.
the collection includes the story Biddy Brady's Banshee, written in a heavy Irish brogue...
Textual Production Mary Elizabeth Braddon
The monthly, intended to compete with the Cornhill and Temple Bar (which Maxwell had just sold) cost one shilling, and was aimed at the lower middle classes. MEB 's Birds of Prey, Bound to...


1878: Irish politician and writer Justin McCarthy...

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Irish politician and writer Justin McCarthy published his novelMiss Misanthrope, one of the earliest texts of the aesthetic movement.


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