Mary Rich, Countess of Warwick

Standard Name: Warwick, Mary Rich,,, Countess of
Birth Name: Mary Boyle
Titled: Lady Rich
Married Name: Lady Rich
Titled: Countess of Warwick
Used Form: Mary, Lady Warwick
Mary Rich , writing during the later seventeenth century, is an introspective religious diarist and autobiographer, who uses words to make sense of her experiences.
Line engraving of  Mary Rich, Countess of Warwick, by Robert White, published 1678 with an embellished oval frame resting on a pedestal. She wears a gown with scooped neckline, and no jewelry but a brooch. Her hair is a broad mass of mid-length ringlets. An inscription below gives her name ("The Right Honorable Mary Countess Dowager of Warwick") and, in Latin, her age and date of death.
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Family and Intimate relationships Mary Boyle
The Honourable Sir Courtenay Boyle , MB 's father, the second surviving son of Edmund, seventh Earl of Cork and Orrery , was a Vice-Admiral.
Boyle, Mary. Mary Boyle. Her Book. Boyle, Sir Courtenay EdmundEditor , E. P. Dutton; John Murray, 1902.
One of his postss was commissioner of the dockyards...
Family and Intimate relationships Edmund Spenser
ES was twice married, in 1579 and 1594. With his first wife, whose birth name was the highly unusual Maccabaeus Childe, he had two children, a boy and a girl. His second wife was Elizabeth...
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Walker
Margaret, the only child of EW to live to adulthood, was married to John Cox , a young barrister, at St Dunstan's in the East in London; Lady Warwick was among those who attended.
Walker, Anthony, and Elizabeth Walker. The Vertuous Wife: or, the Holy Life of Mrs. Elizabth Walker. J. Robinson, A. and J. Churchill, J. Taylor, and J. Wyat, 1694.
Family and Intimate relationships Elizabeth Walker
She had first met him while staying at Barnston in Essex, after which he began visiting her in London. He was personal chaplain to Robert Rich, third Earl of Warwick (a leader of local...
Friends, Associates Katherine Philips
In DublinKP made an important new circle of friends centred on the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, James Butler, Duke of Ormond . They included the politician and playwright Roger Boyle, Earl of Orrery (even...
Friends, Associates Elizabeth Walker
EW enjoyed a friendship with Lady Warwick , whose family were her husband's patrons, though their unequal social positions made their relationship sound formal. When Lady Warwick died, EW celebrated her as Eminent in Religion...
Textual Production Katherine Philips
Lord Rich, not quite twenty-one, was the only son of Mary, Lady Warwick , and nephew of Philips's friend the Countess of Cork .
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Elizabeth Walker
She opens Elizabeth Walker her Book with an account of her husband's life, up to his presentation to the parish of Fyfield and the Crown God was pleased to give to his Ministry up to...


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