Sir Henry Holland

Standard Name: Holland, Sir Henry,, 1788 - 1873


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Family and Intimate relationships Anne Marsh
Anne's brother-in-law from 1822 was the distinguished Sir Henry Holland (physician to Princess Caroline, and later Prince Albert and Queen Victoria ), a descendent of the Wedgwood family and cousin of Elizabeth Gaskell ...
Literary responses Mary Somerville
The Quarterly's review by Henry Holland praised MS 's delightful volumeOn the Connexion of the Physical Sciences.
Patterson, Elizabeth Chambers. Mary Somerville and the Cultivation of Science, 1815-1840. Martinus Nijhoff.
Literary responses Mary Somerville
Physical Geography was widely used, as a comprehensive and useful textbook, in schools and universities for some fifty years after its publication. In anticipating a regional rather than national or political approach to geography, it...
Textual Production Anne Marsh
AM wrote for her own amusement from an early age. Letters exchanged in November 1813 and the succeeding months, when she was twenty-two, by women of the Wedgwood family, discuss and warmly praise her play...
Textual Production Mary Somerville
As was normal practice for scientific texts at the time, MS had canvassed a number of her learned friends for aid in preparing and proofreading her manuscript. Lord Brougham , Michael Faraday , James Forbes


May 1828: French chemist Richard Chenevix experimented...

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May 1828

French chemist Richard Chenevix experimented with animal magnetism on peasants during a visit to Ireland.


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