Elizabeth Melvill

Standard Name: Melvill, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Melvill
Indexed Name: Elizabeth Melville
Indexed Name: M. M. Gentlewoman of Culros
Married Name: Elizabeth Colville
Titled: Elizabeth, Lady Colville of Culros
Indexed Name: Eliz. Melvil, Lady Culros yonger
EM was a staunch Scottish Presbyterian whose surviving poems and letters almost all relate to the efforts of James the Sixth and First to impose episcopacy and other changes on the Kirk. Their religious content is thus political as well. A number of unpublished poems have been very recently identified. Her best-known text is an allegorical dream-vision, a first-person narrative of the religious life as a quest and an arduous journey towards the celestial goal. S. M. Dunnigan in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography calls her one of the most important religious writers in Renaissance Scotland.
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The form of a dream or vision had been used in a fairly similar way in the Scots language by Elizabeth Melvill in 1603. RS 's Dreame, in six-line stanzas, allegorizes a woman's longing...


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