L. A. G. Strong

Standard Name: Strong, L. A. G.


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Anthologization Naomi Royde-Smith
It was reprinted the same year by its publisher, Gollancz , in an omnibus volume entitled Famous Novels of 1931, which also included works by L. A. G. Strong , Helen Ashton , and Francis Iles .
British Library Catalogue. http://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?dscnt=0&tab=local_tab&dstmp=1489778087340&vid=BLVU1&mode=Basic&fromLo.
Friends, Associates E. M. Delafield
EMD had many literary friends, some of whom were associated with Time and Tide magazine, including Lady Rhondda, Winifred Holtby , L. A. G. Strong , A. B. Cox , Mary Agnes Hamilton , and...
Literary responses Mary Butts
Initial reactions to this work were quite positive. Wynyard Browne , who reviewed it in The Bookman, felt that it arose directly out of the contemporary situation. The conflict in it corresponds with the...
Textual Production Una Marson
Marson initially approached T. S. Eliot to write the preface, but he refused, so she turned to L. A. G. Strong , a British writer and a colleague at the BBC . She dedicated the...


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Strong, L. A. G. The Minstrel Boy. Hodder and Stoughton, 1937.