Thomas Davies

Standard Name: Davies, Thomas
Used Form: Tom Davies


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Literary responses Elizabeth Griffith
This was EG 's least successful play. Both in the theatre and in print, responses sound designed to put an impudent female newcomer in her place. Bookseller Tom Davies claimed there was a positive cabal...
Literary responses Hannah More
Percy was a great hit, with twenty-one performances, and 4,000 copies sold by March 1777. HM made £600 from it in the theatre, and £150 from Cadell for the copyright. She thought, however, the public...


27 December 1802: Thomas Cadell the elder died (leaving an...

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27 December 1802

Thomas Cadell the elder died (leaving an estate of £150,000); his junior partner, Thomas Davies , then ran the business together with Thomas Cadell, junior .


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