John III, King of Poland

Standard Name: John III,, King of Poland
Used Form: John Sobieski


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Textual Features Alicia Tyndal Palmer
An introductory poem summarises desirable female qualities: Formed by the Graces, loveliness itself, / Come, with those downcast eyes sedate and sweet, / Those modest looks that deeply touch the soul.
Palmer, Alicia Tyndal. The Daughters of Isenberg. Lackington, Allen.
Feminist Companion Archive.
Having discussed her...
Textual Production Alicia Tyndal Palmer
With a preface dated this day, ATP published Authentic Memoirs of the Life of John Sobieski , King of Poland.
British Library Catalogue.
Palmer, Alicia Tyndal. Authentic Memoirs of the Life of John Sobieski, King of Poland. Printed for the author.
Feminist Companion Archive.


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