Alicia Tyndal Palmer

Standard Name: Palmer, Alicia Tyndal
Birth Name: Alicia Tyndal Palmer
During a six-year period (1809-15) ATP produced two novels, a biography, and a volume of stories. She specialised in the historical.


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Education Mary Robinson
At a tender age she attended, as a boarder, the school run by Hannah More and her sisters. Several of her schoolfellows (among them Alicia Tyndal Palmer ) were daughters of theatre people. The girls...
Family and Intimate relationships John Strange Winter
One of JSW 's great-great-grandmothers (on her father's side) was Hannah Pritchard , a celebrated actress and singer. Henrietta seems not to have known that this made her a great-niece of Alicia Tyndal Palmer ...
Textual Features Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna
The Happy Mute; or, The Dumb Child's Appeal was inspired by John Britt, the deaf Irish child whom CET had adopted in 1823: he died in 1831. He appeared again as a character in another...
Textual Production Hannah More
The teenage HM wrote an acrostic on the name of Hannah Mary Pritchard , who performed on this date at Jacob's Well Theatre in Bristol.
Pritchard was the daughter of the famous comedy actress...


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Palmer, Alicia Tyndal. Authentic Memoirs of the Life of John Sobieski, King of Poland. Printed for the author, 1815.
Palmer, Alicia Tyndal. The Daughters of Isenberg. Lackington, Allen, 1810.
Palmer, Alicia Tyndal. The Husband and Lover. Lackington, Allen, 1809.
Palmer, Alicia Tyndal. The Sons of Altringham. Lackington, Allen, 1811.