John Gray

Standard Name: Gray, John


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Cultural formation Michael Field
Edith led the move towards Catholicism, and Katharine had initial reservations about converting, as she feared that Edith's new faith would divide them. But she soon followed Edith's example and found a religious guide in...
Friends, Associates Lady Margaret Sackville
She was one of the circle of artists and intellectuals that gathered at the home of artist John Duncan (Celtic revivalist and Symbolist), and she was the acknowledged queen (though guest queen) of the unique...
Textual Production Michael Field
Oscar Wilde , William Archer , and John Gray were in the audience on the opening night.
Field, Michael. “Introduction”. Sight and Song; with, Underneath the Bough, edited by R. K. R. Thornton and Ian Small, Woodstock Books.
Wilde had written to the authors with casting advice. He suggested they should have the theatre's founder, J. T. Grein


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