Hans Holbein

Standard Name: Holbein, Hans,, the younger


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Intertextuality and Influence Winifred Peck
Her chapter-headings quote from Agnes Strickland and Edith Sitwell as well as an eclectic range of male authors from Homer onwards. Quotations abound in the text as well as the epigraphs, and not all of...
Leisure and Society Margaret Roper
In 1527 or early 1528 MR was painted by Hans Holbein the Younger , in a group portrait of all of Thomas More's household. From the painting Holbein made a drawing (not now extant) and...
Occupation Mary More
MM was a portrait-painter and copyist, who left paintings in her family. The only one of her visual works known to survive, heavily retouched, hangs in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It was thought to...
Textual Features Elaine Feinstein
Lais considers Holbein 's painting of the courtesan of that name, who lived in ancient Corinth: a representation unexpectedly mild and benevolent, of a woman who cannot hide the evidence of grace.
Adcock, Fleur, editor. The Faber Book of Twentieth Century Women’s Poetry. Faber and Faber.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Maria Callcott
Like MC 's other journals, this is rich in commentary on tourist sites, local customs, and social life. But it seems her new husband was fostering the specialization which she had already begun to develop...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Julia Kristeva
This continues Kristeva's psychological investigation of states of the human mind, and of their representation in literature and art. In this case her analysis brings in philosophical and religious systems as well. She connects depression...
Travel Elizabeth Rigby
She made her way to the Holbein Exhibition at Dresden via Cologne, Brunswick, Leipzig and Berlin. In January 1872 she was in England again, visiting the palatial home (completed in 1855) of...


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