Francis Beaumont

Standard Name: Beaumont, Francis


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Intertextuality and Influence Ann Hatton
The title-page promises embellishment with characters and anecdotes of well-known persons,
Hatton, Ann. Chronicles of an Illustrious House. Minerva.
and offers a Latin quotation about man being either a god or a wolf, and a French one on mastering the passions. Volumes...
Reception Ada Cambridge
The Athenæum decried AC 's lack of originality, arguing that the work as a whole read like an echo of well-remembered poems, recalling . . . half a score of other scarcely less familiar productions...


28 April 1619: The Maid's Tragedy, written jointly in 1610-11...

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28 April 1619

The Maid's Tragedy, written jointly in 1610-11 by John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont (who had since died), was entered in the Stationers' Register ; it was published this year.

7 December 1666: This was probably the first day a public...

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7 December 1666

This was probably the first day a public theatre opened in London after a seventeen-month closure owing to the plague.

From 30 July 1778: George Colman's Bonduca (adapted from a play...

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From 30 July 1778

George Colman 's Bonduca (adapted from a play by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher ) kept up the tradition of stage representations of this female national hero, better known as Boadicea.


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