Sir William Howard Russell

Standard Name: Russell, Sir William Howard
Used Form: W. H. Russell


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Occupation Mary Seacole
Crimean war correspondent W. H. Russell praised MS in a dispatch as a kind and successful physician.
Fryer, Peter. Staying Power: The History of Black People in Britain. Pluto Press.
Textual Features Mary Seacole
The book is heavily authorized by MS 's association with the British military: introduced by W. H. Russell , the Times correspondent in the Crimea, it is dedicated by permission to Major-General Lord Rokeby and...
Textual Production Frances Isabella Duberly
Francis Marx toned down a good deal of her criticism of military incompetence in high places, whose deficiencies bore hard on soldiers in the field.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
(By now an official enquiry had been mounted into Lord Raglan


12 October 1854: W. H. Russell began reporting in The Times...

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12 October 1854

W. H. Russell began reporting in The Times on army medical service in the Crimean War, specifically on the confusion, mismanagement, and maladministration which he saw at the scene of action.
Cohen, Emmeline W. The Growth of the British Civil Service 1780-1939. Archon Books, http://U of G.


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