Francis Marx

Standard Name: Marx, Francis


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Family and Intimate relationships Frances Isabella Duberly
Another brother-in-law, Selina's husband Francis Marx , was a journalist and author, who was later helpful in getting Fanny's journal published.
Textual Production Frances Isabella Duberly
During her time in CrimeaFID kept a diary (whose manuscript does not survive) and sent regular letters home to her sister Selina (now British Library Additional Manuscripts 47218). She told Selina that writing to...
Textual Production Frances Isabella Duberly
The full title was Journal Kept during the Russian War—from the departure of the army from England in April 1854, to the fall of Sebastopol. FID gave a free hand in editing to her...
Textual Production Frances Isabella Duberly
Francis Marx toned down a good deal of her criticism of military incompetence in high places, whose deficiencies bore hard on soldiers in the field.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray et al., editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
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