Pierre Louÿs

Standard Name: Louÿs, Pierre
Used Form: Pierre Louys


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Fictionalization Sappho
Pierre Louÿs 's Les Chansons de Bilitisposed as newly recovered autobiographical poems of Sappho (translated from Greek), and established her as pedagogue of the lyric and of lesbian sexual practice.
This appeared during the...
Intertextuality and Influence Natalie Clifford Barney
NCB 's treatment of Sappho was influenced by Les chansons de Bilitis by French writer Pierre Louÿs (1894), a fictional work which purported to be a translation (along with biography, bibliography, and scholarly notes) of...
Textual Production Hannah Lynch
HL 's Academy essay Insanity in Literature distinguished two kinds: the insanity of hate, represented by nationalist, anti-Semitic writers in the wake of the Dreyfus affair like Léon Daudet , Maurice Barrès , and Gyp


By autumn 1896: French erotic writer Pierre Louÿs, already...

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By autumn 1896

French erotic writer Pierre Louÿs , already notorious for the lesbian Songs of Bilitis, 1895, printed at his own expense his best-known work, Aphrodite, about a courtesan in ancient Alexandria.


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