Sarah Flower Adams

Standard Name: Adams, Sarah Flower
Birth Name: Sarah Fuller Flower
Married Name: Sarah Fuller Flower Adams
Pseudonym: S.Y.
Nickname: Sally
Used Form: S. F. Adams
SFA was a poet, a contributor to periodicals, and a hymn-writer. Over the course of her career she published a dramatic poem, a catechism for children, and fourteen hymns. Her uncollected works include numerous poems, short stories, and essays published in various periodicals.
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Emerging from the politicised Unitarian intellectual ferment of the 1830s, much of her writing dealt with working-class issues, as well as social acculturation, and gender equity.
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 199. Gale Research, 1999.
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A black and white drawing of Sarah Flower Adams. She looks over her left shoulder at the viewer with a small smile.
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Friends, Associates Harriet Taylor
HT 's husband introduced her to the UnitarianMonthly Repository circle which included Harriet Martineau , Eliza and Sarah Flower , and the Rev. William Fox .
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