Lucy Townsend

Standard Name: Townsend, Lucy


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Family and Intimate relationships Matilda Charlotte Houstoun
MCH 's aunt Lucy Townsend was a zealous participant in anti-slavery campaigning at a time when major associations such as the Anti-Slavery Society showed hostility towards the participation of women. (Women's anti-slavery societies tended to...


8 April 1825: Lucy Townsend hosted a meeting at which the...

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8 April 1825

Lucy Townsend hosted a meeting at which the first British slavery association for women was formed, the Birmingham Ladies Society for the Relief of Negro Slaves (which later changed its name to the Female Society for Birmingham

June 1840: American women were refused entry as delegates...

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June 1840

American women were refused entry as delegates to the first World Anti-Slavery Convention held in London.

1856: British abolitionist Julia Griffiths, a supporter...

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British abolitionist Julia Griffiths , a supporter of Frederick Douglass , toured England and Scotland founding women's auxiliaries.


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