James Cook

Standard Name: Cook, James
Used Form: Captain Cook


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Literary responses Catherine Hutton
CH 's criticism of Captain Cook in this novel provoked controversy in the newspapers; it sounds from her report of this as if she had defended herself in print.
Beale, Catherine Hutton, editor. Catherine Hutton and Her Friends. Cornish Brothers, 1895.
Textual Features Flora Shaw
This simple and direct work begins with an account of the early European exploration and colonization.
Shaw, Flora. The Story of Australia. H. Marshall and Son, 1897.
5, 17, 31, 32-5
Joseph Banks , a naturalist and member of James Cook 's first voyage to Australasia...
Textual Production Anna Seward
AS published an Elegy on Captain Cook (who was killed in February 1779).
Ashmun is incorrect regarding the month of Cook's death date.
Ashmun, Margaret. The Singing Swan. Yale University Press; H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1931.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sarah Pearson
The poem picked out by the Critical Review as the principal one, occupying fourteen pages, is entitled Lines found on the Stairs of the Tour de la Chapelle of the Bastile. These lines, powerful...


30 July 1768-12 June 1771
Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook made his first circumnavigation of the world, bringing about huge advances in knowledge of global natural history.
3 June 1769
Captain James Cook , engaged in circumnavigating the world, was in Tahiti with his scientist companions to observe the transit of Venus: the passage of the planet across the disc of the sun. In...
6 July 1776
Captain James Cook began his third and last circumnavigation.
14 February 1779
Captain Cook was killed by natives at Karakakoa Bay, Hawaii.
18 March 1784
The Transportation Act reasserted (at least in theory) the British policy of sending convicts overseas as the best method for their punishment and reform.
14 March 1790
Captain Bligh , who had hoped to emulate Captain Cook as an explorer in his ship the Bounty, landed in England after surviving the mutiny (27 April 1789) against his harsh discipline, which was led...
Joseph Dufour of Paris, manufacturer of scenic panoramic wallpapers, aroused immense public interest with a set of wallpaper depicting The Voyages of Captain Cook.