Richard Baxter

Standard Name: Baxter, Richard


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Cultural formation Hannah More
In conversation she defended some of the seventeenth-century Puritans (notably Richard Baxter ) and referred to my old friends at the Port-Royal .
Roberts, William. Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Hannah More. L. and G. Seeley, http://Rutherford HSS.
1: 278
Waldron, Mary. “Mentors Old and New: Samuel Johnson and Hannah More”. New Rambler, pp. 29-37.
Port-Royal was a convent of Cistercian nuns at Versailles...
Family and Intimate relationships Mary Whateley Darwall
Despite the children needing a stepmother, this was a love match. Family legend later said that the pair were in love and flirting while John Darwall's first wife was still alive. MWD first signed the...
Family and Intimate relationships Sarah Savage
After this he continued to follow his conscience in matters of religious observance and ritual, occupying an ambiguous position as the object of both respect and disapproval locally, and being several times arrested although always...
Family and Intimate relationships Susanna Wesley
SW 's father, the Rev. Samuel Annesley (1620-96), was an eminent as well as a philoprogenitive London dissenter. During the interregnum he had been a presbyterian chaplain in the parliamentary navy. He then became rector...
Intertextuality and Influence Maria De Fleury
She heads her work with the quotation What think ye of Christ? (a question which St Matthew's Gospel reports Jesus as asking the Pharisees, arguably as a kind of trick), and adds, admiringly, others from...


1673: Puritan theologian Richard Baxter maintained...

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Puritan theologian Richard Baxter maintained in print that capturing and selling slaves is robbery, and those who do it are fitter to be called incarnate Devils than Christians.

1681: Richard Baxter, Puritan clergyman, published...

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Richard Baxter , Puritan clergyman, published his Breviate of the life of his wife Margaret Baxter .

1696: Five years after the death of Richard Baxter,...

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Five years after the death of Richard Baxter , Puritan clergyman, his autobiography, Reliquiae Baxterianae, was published.


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