Maria Francesca Rossetti

Standard Name: Rossetti, Maria Francesca


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Dedications Christina Rossetti
CR completed her most celebrated poem, Goblin Market; in manuscript it was dedicated to her sister , referring to her by her initials.
Rossetti, Christina. The Complete Poems of Christina Rossetti. Editor Crump, Rebecca W., Louisiana State University Press.
1: 234
Family and Intimate relationships Christina Rossetti
CR 's sister Maria was three years her senior and the bond between them was close. She became a governess and an author of textbooks (Exercises in Idiomatic Italian through Literal Translation from the...
Family and Intimate relationships Christina Rossetti
In the wake of William's engagement, their sister Maria decided to enter the Anglican All Saints Sisterhood . This entailed her moving permanently away from the sister with whose life hers had been from the...
Family and Intimate relationships Christina Rossetti
On 24 November 1876 CR 's sister Maria died of cancer after a painful illness. She was followed by Dante Gabriel on 9 April 1882, then by CR 's long-time friend Charles Cayley (for whom...
Family and Intimate relationships Dante Gabriel Rossetti
His father was the Italian political exile Gabriele Pasquale Guiseppe Rossetti . His mother, born Frances Mary Lavinia Polidori , was half-Italian. He had an elder sister, Maria Francesca , and two younger siblings who...
Publishing Christina Rossetti
Her brother William thought her second poem was one about a Chinaman (representing the mainland of China) whose pig-tail (representing Hong Kong) is cut off; this was written to celebrate Britain's victory in the...
Wealth and Poverty Christina Rossetti
This also had a drastic impact on family finances. CR 's sister Maria left the family home at about the age of seventeen to work as a residential governess, and their mother, Frances , resumed...


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