Alvaro Guevara

Standard Name: Guevara, Alvaro


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Family and Intimate relationships Edith Sitwell
ES met Alvaro Guevara when he contributed to the early cycles of Wheels. Chile painted her portrait, liked her poetry, and was very impressed by her as a person. Although they became close friends...
Friends, Associates Katherine Mansfield
KM and John Middleton Murry visited Garsington with Alvaro Guevara , who was known as Chile.
Alpers, Antony. The Life of Katherine Mansfield. Oxford University Press.
Leisure and Society Edith Sitwell
ES was painted many times, by many artists as well as her two loves, Alvaro Guevara and Pavel Tchelitchew (who rendered her as a sybil, pale and inward).
Publishing Violet Trefusis
The novel was reissued in 1996 by Virago 's Modern Classics, with an introduction by Lisa St Auban de Teran , who devotes much of her introduction to VT 's life experiences and suggests that...
Reception Nancy Cunard
NC was also the exemplary subject for painters and photographers—Nina Hamnett (who did a drawing of her for ten guineas at the request of Lady Cunard ),
Hamnett, Nina. Laughing Torso. Ray Long & Richard R. Smith, Inc.
John Banting , Eugene MacCown ,...


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