Henryk Sienkiewicz

Standard Name: Sienkiewicz, Henryk


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Education Elma Napier
In spite of the fact that her family did not value literature as much as games, and that her mother had specific ideas about what girls should read, EN devoured every book she could get...
Education Jean Rhys
The Perse School was very strict and traditional, and JR did not enjoy her time there. She remained as a boarder for four terms, living in the main school building with the principal and her...
Publishing Charlotte O'Conor Eccles
COCE 's translation from the Polish of a novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz was published at Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, as Peasants in Exile (For Daily Bread).
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1898: Charlotte O'Conor Eccles published a translation...

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Charlotte O'Conor Eccles published a translation from Polish of a Henryk Sienkiewicz work entitled Peasants in Exile (For Daily Bread) through a publisher in Notre Dame, USA.


Sienkiewicz, Henryk. Peasants in Exile. Translator O’Conor Eccles, Charlotte, Ave Maria, 1898.