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Anthologization Naomi Royde-Smith
Her literary friends, who revelled in her conversation, had for years been urging her to write something of her own.
Hamilton, Mary Agnes. Remembering My Good Friends. Jonathan Cape.
She renewed the US copyright on this work on 8 April 1953.
“US Catalog of Copyright Entries (Renewals)”. Kingkong.
Terry Castle
Anthologization H. D.
Anthologist Terry Castle includes an excerpt from this work (as well as fragment 36 from Heliodora) in The Literature of Lesbianism, 2003.
Family and Intimate relationships Lady Eleanor Butler
Both Sir William and Lady Betty Fownes died within a few weeks of their departure.
Mavor, Elizabeth. The Ladies of Llangollen. Michael Joseph.
The two women stayed together for the rest of their lives. They shared a bed; they named one of...
Literary responses Gertrude Stein
GS was disappointed at the small enthusiasm the book generated when it was published. Only Marianne Moore reviewed it favourably. Katherine Anne Porter despaired of its length and density, but argued that to shorten it...
Literary responses Gertrude Stein
Bennett Cerf wrote in 27 March 1945 to tell her about the astounding success of the book: sales were over the 10,000 markand [t]he $2000.00 that [she] receiv[ed] from Collier's for use of parts...
Literary responses Colette
Critic Terry Castle calls The Pure and the Impure a wonderful book, her favourite among Colette 's oeuvre.
Castle, Terry. “Yes you, sweetheart”. London Review of Books, pp. 3-8.
6, 8
Literary responses Elizabeth Inchbald
A Simple Story was praised by no less a modern authority than Q. D. Leavis ,
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012]. http://www.gale.com/c/the-times-literary-supplement-historical-archive.
(8 September 1989): 964
and received a more recent accolade from Terry Castle as the most elegant English fiction...
Literary responses Eliza Lynn Linton
Critic Terry Castle calls this a strange, acidulous tale . . . one of her most fascinating and tormented works. . . . it remains, a century later, a mordant, rebarbative, yet peculiarly affecting work...
Reception Rose Allatini
Meanwhile the Times Literary Supplement saw the novel as well-written—evidently the work of a woman. The reviewer judged that as a frank and sympathetic study of certain types of mind and character, it is of...
Reception Elizabeth Bishop
Sylvia Plath , who began with negative comments about EB , later developed admiration for her fine originality, always surprising, never rigid, flowing, juicier than Marianne Moore who is her godmother.
Rees-Jones, Deryn. “Writing ELIZABETH”. Elizabeth Bishop: Poet of the Periphery, edited by Linda Anderson and Jo Shapcott, Bloodaxe Books, pp. 42-62.
Fleur Adcock notes...
Reception Laurence Hope
Despite her immense popularity during her lifetime, LH has not benefited as much as other forgotten poets from the resurgence of attention to women's writing. Her work is not included in the major recent anthologies...
Textual Features Elizabeth Stuart Phelps
Several stories in this collection focus on women's spiritual experience. The broken mirror in Phelps's The Lady of Shalott is that of a bedridden teenager whose drunken mother disabled her by throwing her downstairs. Jesus


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