Hilda L. Smith

Standard Name: Smith, Hilda L.


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Anthologization Margaret Cavendish
This is included in Women's Political Writings 1610-1725, edited by Hilda L. Smith , Mihoko Suzuki , and Susan Wiseman , 2007.
Anthologization Lady Anne Clifford
LAC was helped with her literary labours by several scribes, notably one Edward Langley . Of the four copies which she dictated and kept at various of her residences, one survives, corrected by herself: in...
Reception Damaris Masham
DM has only recently begun to be taken seriously as a writer on philosophy. Her relation with Locke in terms of philosophical opinions has been discussed by Sheryl O'Donnell in Mothering the Mind, edited...


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Smith, Hilda L. Reason’s Disciples: Seventeenth-Century English Feminists. University of Illinois Press, 1982.
Smith, Hilda L., editor. Women Writers and the Early Modern British Political Tradition. Cambridge University Press, 1998.