Sir Simonds D'Ewes

Standard Name: D'Ewes, Sir Simonds


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Education Bathsua Makin
BM received a dazzlingly learned education: the education of a boy, carried to an unusually high level. She functioned as a living advertisement for her father's school. She had, according to Sir Simonds D'Ewes ,...
Friends, Associates Bathsua Makin
BM 's brother-in-law John Pell called her a woman of great acquaintance.
Teague, Frances. Bathsua Makin, Woman of Learning. Bucknell University Press.
She was a lifelong friend of diarist and antiquarian Sir Simonds D'Ewes , who had been at her father's school, and of...
Friends, Associates Anna Maria van Schurman
Visiting AMS became a custom among cultivated people travelling in or to Utrecht. She met Elizabeth, Princess Palatine (daughter of the Queen of Bohemia ), and became a friend and correspondent of a network of...
Textual Features Anna Maria van Schurman
Having laid out her case, AMS proceeds to summarise and refute that of her Adversaries. These she classifies as the utilitarian (who value learning purely for its cash or career value) and the envious...


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