Linda A. Julian

Standard Name: Julian, Linda A.


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Publishing Mary Louisa Molesworth
MLM published in Longman's a story which critic Linda A. Julian finds one of her most interesting: The Man with the Cough, in which uncanny appearances turn out not after all to signify anything...
Textual Features Harriet Hamilton King
Scholar Linda A. Julian notes the intricacy of the poem's metre, and cites the particular effectiveness of the tension produced when the occasional iambic dimeter lines undercut the basic trimeter rhythm.
Thesing, William B., editor. Dictionary of Literary Biography 199. Gale Research.
199: 195
Travel Harriet Hamilton King
Despite her lifelong interest in Italian nationalism, HHK 's visit to Italy this year, accompanied by her husband , was apparently the only time she went there.
Linda A. Julian suggests that her visit was...


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