Hénri Rousseau

Standard Name: Rousseau, Hénri
Used Form: Henri Rousseau


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Friends, Associates Gertrude Stein
A banquet in Paris for the painter Hénri Rousseau (le douanier) was attended by a colourful convoy including Leo and Gertrude Stein , Alice Toklas , Max Jacob , Guillaume Apollinaire , Marie Laurencin and Pablo Picasso .
Hobhouse, Janet. Everybody Who was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein. Doubleday.
Brinnin, John Malcolm, and John Ashbery. The Third Rose: Gertrude Stein and her World. Addison-Wesley.
Textual Features Hope Mirrlees
Set in May and June 1919, HM 's poem takes its readers on a surrealistic tour of the city of Paris ravaged by the First World War. People encountered (both living and dead) include Freud


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