Derek Stanford

Standard Name: Stanford, Derek


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Anthologization Ella D'Arcy
This story was chosen for inclusion by Derek Stanford in Short Stories of the 'Nineties in 1968.
Dedications Muriel Spark
MS published her first volume of short fiction, The Go-Away Bird with Other Stories, with a print-run of 2,500, dedicated to her former lover Derek Stanford .
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Family and Intimate relationships Muriel Spark
The close of MS 's erotic relationship with Howard Sergeant (with whom, however, her friendship continued for a while) coincided with a gradual movement towards Derek Stanford , a fellow-member of postwar London bohemia, who...
Friends, Associates Muriel Spark
In London in early 1963 she was horrified to hear that a publisher had accepted a book about her by Derek Stanford . The rushed and patchyMuriel Spark: A Biographical and Critical Study appeared...
Friends, Associates Muriel Spark
For the next few years she lived the stimulating, bohemian, often harsh life of a modern poet in London, though she despised those literary circles which she felt to be self-serving and amateurish. Although she...
Material Conditions of Writing Muriel Spark
MS began her career as a novelist in illness and under financial stress. In 1954, Macmillan , who were looking for promising new writers, invited her to write a novel. Although ill and unable to...
Reception Muriel Spark
Manuscripts of Spark's literary works and letters have been in great demand. She accused American dealer Lew D. Feldman of trying to extort money from her in exchange for her own letters to Derek Stanford
Reception Muriel Spark
Spark was horrified when Derek Stanford , her former friend and collaborator, published a book about her in September 1963: Muriel Spark, a Biographical and Critical Study, which she later called packed with factual...
Textual Features Muriel Spark
With this book Spark reverted to a shorter format, as close to novella as novel form. Critic Norman Page , however, perceived a crucial difference between the serene and jaunty short novels which preceded The...
Textual Features Muriel Spark
This novel is set in the years 1954-5, with an epilogue which brings the characters thirty years onwards. The narrator, Nancy Hawkins, a young war widow, lives in a boarding-house in a downmarket area of...
Textual Production Muriel Spark
Her recently discarded boyfriend, Howard Sergeant , annoyed her by planning a simultaneous, rival Wordsworth book. Tribute to Wordsworth was published by André Deutsch , who was then working for Allan Wingate . MS
Textual Production Muriel Spark
This was her last book of non-fiction. Her attempt to help Derek Stanford by arranging with Macmillan that they publish a second book on Newman came to nothing. He suffered a nervous breakdown, and had...
Textual Production Muriel Spark
MS 's successive jobs in journalism (life, in effect, in modern Grub Street) provided a constant opportunity, and need, to write short pieces of many different types. While working for Argentor she wrote an article...
Textual Production Muriel Spark
MS says she wrote to combat misinformation: So many strange and erroneous accounts of parts of my life have been written since I became well known, that I felt it time to put the record...
Textual Production Muriel Spark
MS approached the process of writing in a manner characteristically savouring of magical ritual. She wrote in longhand, seldom revising, and never used a pen anyone else had touched. Her notebooks were of a particular...


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