Llywelyn ap Gruffudd

Standard Name: Gruffudd, Llywelyn ap
Used Form: Llewellyn ap Gryffydd
Used Form: Llewellyn ap Gryffyth


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Intertextuality and Influence Anna Jane Vardill
Many of AJV 's poems reflect her learning. She incorporated lines of Greek in An Arctic Islander in London (October 1818), and based La Morte d'Arthur (European Magazine 79 (1821): 553-5, with annotations), on...
Residence Elizabeth Smith
Even before the Smith family lost their money they were far less rooted than most people of the gentry class. In 1782 they moved from the family home at Burnhall or Burn Hall near Durham...
Textual Features Anna Jane Vardill
Vardill continued to write for public occasions: on the death of Princess Charlotte (The Bride's Dirge, December 1817) and on those of George III and the Duke of Kent (The Eldest King...
Textual Production Elizabeth Smith
Soon afterwards Smith sent Mary Hunt her Supposed Translation from a Welsh Poem, lately dug up at Piercefield, in the same spot where Llewellyn ap Gryffydd was slain, December 10, 1281 [sic].
Smith, Elizabeth. Fragments, in Prose and Verse. Editor Bowdler, Henrietta Maria, Richard Cruttwell.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Jane Brereton
JB 's true attitude to her own poetic vocation is hard to fathom. In An Expostulatory Epistle to Sir Richard Steele upon the Death of Mr. Addison she calls herself the meanest of the tuneful...


11 December 1282: The victory of Edward I over Llywelyn ap...

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11 December 1282

The victory of Edward I over Llywelyn ap Gruffudd , and Llywelyn's death on this day, brought Wales under English rule in what today would be called a colonial situation.


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