Zachary Williams

Standard Name: Williams, Zachary
Used Form: Zachariah Williams


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Employer Anna Williams
When she was first in London AW found plenty to occupy her, both activities undertaken for interest and those undertaken for earnings to support herself and her father. She became an assistant to Zachary Williams
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Williams
AW 's father Zachary or Zachariah , died. Johnson 's obituary for the newspapers said he was aged eighty-two and had been ill this time for eight months.
Larsen, Lyle. Dr. Johnson’s Household. Archon Books, 1985.
Family and Intimate relationships Anna Williams
Her father, Zachariah or Zachary Williams , was a doctor and a keen amateur scientist and experimenter. He set his sights on winning the prize offered for discovering a means of measuring longitude at sea...
Residence Anna Williams
AW was officially evicted from the lodgings where she was living with her father at the Charterhouse in London, whose rules forbade residence by women.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.,
under Anna and Zachariah Williams
Textual Production Anna Williams
When Zachary Williams published A True Narrative of Certain Circumstances relating to Z. W. . . . in Sutton's royal hospital, the Charterhouse, he included in the text some letters of Anna 's.
Larsen, Lyle. Dr. Johnson’s Household. Archon Books, 1985.
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8 July 1714
Queen Anne signed the royal consent to the Longitude Act, whereby Parliament offered a reward of up to £20,000 for a foolproof method of calculating longitude at sea.


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