Sir Charles Blagden

Standard Name: Blagden, Sir Charles
Used Form: Charles Blagden


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Friends, Associates Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
Georgiana later met the scientist Sir Charles Blagden . She is said to have acquired from him her lasting interest in chemistry and mineralogy, though she had already indicated some interest in science by visiting...
Friends, Associates Caroline Herschel
Though CH recorded in summer 1774 that she had lost her only female acquaintance (apparently because her work for her brother left her no time for social life), she later met Charles and Frances Burney
Occupation Caroline Herschel
Under clearing skies CH confirmed that a celestial object first spotted the night before was indeed a comet. She did not go to rest until she had shared her discovery with Charles Blagden and Alexander Aubert


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